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Natural Body Lotion!

Discover 5 scents!

The fast absorbing formulation is ideal for daily care of all skin types and ensures softer skin.

The valuable care formula with sunflower oil and lime blossom extract pampers the skin. The body lotions are vegan, BDIH certified and contain an organic blend of 7 selected plant extracts from organic farming.  With natural Alpine spring water.


Pomegranate & Rose

Natural, gentle care with pomegranate seed oil and rosehip extracts for supple skin. It has a beautifully delicate fruity pomegranate rose fragrance.


Aloe Vera

Natural, gentle Aloe Vera Body Lotion contains aloe vera juice that leaves a pleasant skin feel. A refreshing scent for a good mood.


Sea Buckthorn & Orange

Natural, gentle Sea Buckthorn & Orange Body Lotion contains valuable sea buckthorn extract and fruity orange peel oil. It softens the skin and has a cheerful buckthorn orange scent.


Apricot and Elderflower

The wonderfully gentle  Apricot & Elderflower Body Lotion contains apricot kernel oil and elderflower extract for softer skin.


Lemon Balm

If the day has once again started far too early, the refreshing lemon balm scent is the perfect way to kickstart you in the morning - no matter how much you dislike an early start. A good mood and a big smile are guaranteed!


Certified organic
Natural fragrance